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Season 6 

Episode 12

The Stop Hunter. Stephen Hoad shares his approach to trading

Stephen Hoad is a seasoned trader and founder of The Stop Hunter. In this podcast, Stephen tells of his approach to trading and his philosophy around risk management. He also discussed how he achieves balance between trading and living life. As you’ll hear, he lives and breathes trading and is truly passionate about it.

Season 6  

Episode 11

Siam Kidd: Discussing crypto, US dollar and Intermarket relationships

Siam Kidd is a former air force pilot turned trader. He’s mostly focused on trading cryptocurrencies due to their liquidity and high levels of volatility. In this podcast, we discuss how the volatility in crypto has helped and hurt him in the past two years. We also discuss the US Dollar and the intermarket relationship with other risk assets.

Talking With Traders

Season 6 

Episode 10

David Keller: Chief Market Strategist at

David Keller began his career at Bloomberg in 2000, just when the tech bubble was beginning to burst. He now works as the Chief Market Strategist at In this podcast, we discuss how he uses technical analysis as part of a 4-part process to analysing markets. 

Season 6  

Episode 9

The Divergent Trader: becoming aware of your thinking loops in trading

Alan Edwards is better known as The Divergent Trader. In this podcast, he delves into the importance of becoming aware of your thinking loops in trading. If you’ve found yourself watching every tick on a trade, or examining the chart over and over in the hope that the price might move in your chosen direction, then this podcast is for you

Season 6  

Episode 8

James Heal: Trading in Carbon futures and why he's bullish

 This podcast covers trading in carbon credits and carbon allowances. James Heal is the CIO of Transition Net Zero Advisors in London and is an expert on the subject. In this interview, we delve into what carbon credits are, why they exist and where they can be traded. James also gives an understanding of the market dynamics for carbon.

Season 6 

Episode 7

Mike Ledwidge. First to the kill, second interview

 I last chatted with Mike Ledwidge in Jan 2022. Since then, a lot has changed in the markets and in his life. He has recently become a proud father, and he’s moved to London. In this interview, I catch up with Mike and discuss how the past year has treated him and how he has adapted his trading routine to fit in with family life and different macro-economic conditions.

Season 6  

Episode 6

Steve Ward - High Performance mind coach for top traders

Steve Ward is highly regarded in trading circles for his focus on mental edge coaching. He deals with top institutional and hedge fund traders. He’s written 4 books, the most recent of which is Bullet Proof Trader. This interview provides great insights into the mental aspects of trading..

Season 6  

Episode 5

JC Parets of AllStar Charts. Trader, Investor, Wine maker

JC Parets is the chief strategist at AllStar Charts. In this podcast, he talks about his approach to markets and to investing in general. He’s an interesting guy with stakes in a variety of business interests outside of the financial markets. We discuss how he manages to position himself on the right side of the exchange of profits and losses in the market. 

Season 6 

Episode 4

Alex Rudolph - Financial analyst at IG Markets

Axel Rudolph has a long history in the market, having served as an analyst in some of the biggest investment banks in Europe. He’s now an analyst at IG Markets. In this podcast, we discuss the three focal points in markets currently: Inflation, Growth and Central Bank Policy. We also talk technical analysis and what type of charting template Axel uses. 

Season 6  

Episode 3

Seleho Tsatsi: A greener Global economy 

Seleho Tsatsi is an investment analyst at Anchor Capital, with a focus on mining and resources. In this podcast, we discuss the drive to bring down global emissions and transition to a greener global economy. We discuss what the investment implications are for this transition and where one can look for opportunities to take advantage of the ambitions for a greener future.

Season 6  

Episode 2

Rajan Dhall. Professional trader and trading coach 

Rajan Dhall started out as a personal trainer in the JP Morgan building gym in London. He helped traders with their exercise routines and received helpful share recommendations, and before long, he was making more off his share trading. As head of trading at theTrading College in the UK. He shares insights into how he trades for a living and mentors others.

Season 6 

Episode 1

Nick van Rensburg - The outlook for 2023

Nick Van Rensburg joins the Talking with Traders podcast again for a view on what to lookout for in 2023. In this episode, we discuss inflation, interest rates, the US Dollar and what all of these variables mean for asset classes. We also discuss what the possible tail risks are for the year ahead and what to be aware of.

Talking With Traders
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