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Talking With Traders Podcast

Latest Podcasts

Season 8

Episode 11

Anthony Crudele. Brilliant insights from an S&P500 pit trader

Anthony Crudele is a former S&P500 pit trader. He has 25 years of experience in the market. In his early 30’s Anthony had a heart attack at his trading desk. This led to a change of trading approach to seek a way of trading that is somewhat less stressful. This conversation is raw and authentic from somebody who wears the scars that the market dishes out. 

Season 8

Episode 10

Anthony Clark. Tall trees catch the most wind

Anthony Clark, is a seasoned analyst in South Africa's small and mid-cap sector. In this episode, we revisit prior favourites like Grindrod, Curro, Stadio, and Invicta. We also discuss Renregen, a hyped stock in 2021 and 2022 that has been brutal for many. Anthony sees SA mid-cap shares as desperately cheap, but also remains cautious ahead of the 29 May election in South Africa.

Talking with Traders Podcast

Season 8

Episode 9

Ian Coleman. Forex analyst and trader at FX Street

This week we have Ian Coleman who has been trading forex since he was 18 years old. (he’s 54 now).  For those who consume these podcasts via YouTube, you’ll be able to see Ian illustrate a typical trade setup on screen. Learn some of his setups with interesting names such as a BAT, CRAB and a Gartley.

Season 8

Episode 8

 Charlie Burton: Trading coach and mentor

After trading successfully part-time, Charlie Burton broke away from a corporate job in 2001 to start trading for a living. He now runs – a live trading room and mentorship service that caters to other traders. In this podcast, we discuss some of the fundamental aspects of trading such as hit rates and risk-to-reward ratios. 

Season 8

Episode 7

Bruce Main. Future themes coming back to the fore.

Bruce Main first alerted listeners to the themes of genomic editing, AI and fintech in 2020. Shares in those industries have been smashed during the high-interest rate period of the past two years. However, there are massive bases forming in many of those shares and they are looking poised for a break to the upside. Bruce takes us through the investment case for these futuristic investment themes.

Season 8

Episode 6

Brian Feroldi. Common sense checklist for evaluating businesses

Brian Feroldi is a master at demystifying finance. He is able to take complex concepts and simplify them into a way that makes sense to non-financial professionals. In this podcast, Brian discussed the framework and check list that he goes through when evaluating businesses. This was a punchy discussion with a lot of really valuable wisdom offered by Brian.

Season 8 

Episode 5

Richard Thomason- Discipline pays in life and investing

Richard Thomason is not like most of the typical guests on this podcast. He’s not a professional in the financial industry but has a day job. He is likely relatable to many of the listeners of this podcast. But what makes him unique is the level of success he has had managing how own trading capital through an adherence to a disciplined process.

Season 8 

Episode 4

Steven Goldstein returns with a new book: Mastering the Mental Game of Trading

Steven Goldstein returns as a guest for the third time. This time, he’s here to discuss his new book which is an absolute must-read for all traders: Mastering the Mental Game of Trading. This podcast discusses elements of the book, specifically how to enact the Performance Cycle Process, and also how to close the behavioural gap to get closer to achieving what we’re capable of as traders

Season 8 

Episode 3

Jeff Hirsch. Editor in Chief: Stock Trader's Almanac

The Stock Trader’s Almanac is an annual publication that tracks all sorts of interesting market patterns, seasonality and statistics. It’s been updated and published for 57 years. In this podcast, we discuss some amazing seasonal market patterns – many of which are very simple, yet very effective to follow.

Season 8 

Episode 2

Frank Cappelleri - The market is always right

Frank Cappelleri has over 25 years of experience on Wall Street in various capacities from sales trader to desk strategist. He holds both the CFA and CMT designation, making him adept at both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Frank talks of some of his experience in the markets over nearly 3 decades, and provides some guidance on how he approaches the markets.

Season 8 

Episode 1

ETF Investing and Trading in a world of evolving products

Nerina Visser is a well-known ETF expert in South Africa. In this podcast, we discuss a number of new evolutions in the ETF space, including the recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. We also look at how active ETFs and thematic ETFs can be employed by traders and investors alike.

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