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Trading Analysis

Glass Buildings


Daily Desk Journal

Each day, Garth publishes his own trading journal for subscribers to follow. This is a hands-on, daily routine for Garth. As a subscriber, you’ll get to see his charts, levels and action plans for the day ahead, with updates on current open trading positions


Thoughts from the High Table

Once a week Garth goes through a process to look at the markets from a high-level macro perspective to identify actionable trading levels. This report is published once a week for subscribers and will assist them in seeing what opportunities Garth is monitoring as potential trading opportunities in the week ahead.


Stocks In The Valult

Garth holds most of his investible assets in underlying equities that he doesn’t fiddle with too much. This report shares the holdings in his long-term portfolio. It is updated periodically when Garth makes changes to the portfolio or when dividends are due to be reinvested.

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