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Garth Mackenzie joins SBG Share Trading for the October market round up 

27th October 2023

Garth Mackenzie, technical analyst and founder of Traders Corner joins SBG Share Trading and looks at the local and overseas markets to identify what he sees from a technical perspective. 
In this webinar, he covers:

  • His global investment outlook. 

  • View of the European Markets. 

  • View of the US Market. 

  • View of the currency markets. 

  • View of the JSE 

  • Followed by a Q&A

Magic Marketslogo

Garth Mackenzie joins Global Macro Strategist, Mohammed Nalla on the Magic Markets Podcast.

19th October 2023

Garth joined Magic Markets to discuss whether traders can still make money in a challenging market.

The short answer: yes, they can. And sometimes, the answer is to be short!


Topics covered include:

  • How do you keep your head in check when the markets deliver blows and everyone seems to be winning but you?

  • What happened to the “When Lambo?” banter of the pandemic and how does this tie into the broader environment that we saw for a while in low interest rates?

  • Many people hold on to the dream of learning trading and making a lot of money from it, but for how many does that dream actually become a reality?

  • Why are there so few traders making a full-time living from this?

  • Why is it important to find a trading style that matches your personality type?

Biz New

Garth Mackenzie’s graphs expose Ramaphoria disaster for investors via “corrupt, inept” Govt.

18th May 2023

Former money manager turned independent investor, the well known share market commentator Garth Mackenzie, today quantified the cost to investors of “Ramaphoria”. A series of graphs published on Twitter exposes the “inconceivable” wealth destruction suffered by those who drank Cyril Ramaphosa’s Koolaid after the former trade unionist billionaire assumed South Africa’s presidency in 2018.

Daily Investor

Incredible wealth destruction under Ramaphosa

18th May 2023

Traders Corner founder Garth Mackenzie revealed the tremendous wealth destruction of companies operating in South Africa under President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Rand Swiss News

High Probability Stock Trading | How to use the Box-Trading method

2nd December 2022

In this lesson, Garth Mackenzie of Traders Corner covers the "Box Trading Method," emphasizing the significance of patience and persistence while showcasing What can be achieved with modest assumptions.

Rand Swiss News

High Probability Stock Trading | How to build your own trading playbook

30th November 2022

In this lesson, Garth Mackenzie of Traders Corner delves into the essentials of trading, including crafting personalised trading rules, selecting markets to trade, and comprehending the essential criteria for a trade to be valid.

Rand Swiss News

High Probability Stock Trading | Money and risk management

18th November 2022

In this lesson, Garth Mackenzie of Traders Corner provides comprehensive guidance on determining the appropriate capital for trading, setting maximum risk per trade, managing overall portfolio risk, and effectively leveraging small wins

Rand Swiss News

High Probability Stock Trading | High probability chart patterns

14th November 2022

Watch this session now to find out how to use high-probability trading patterns in your trading strategy.

Rand Swiss News

High Probability Stock Trading | Understanding relative sector strength

3rd November 2022

In this lesson, Garth Mackenzie of Traders Corner covers how to identify the 11 major sectors and industries in the US market, compare them against the S&P500, and filter them into 'strong,' 'neutral,' & 'weak' buckets.

Daily Investor

Secret to making good returns as a trader

1st November 2022

The secret to optimising your chances of a good return as a trader is to get out of losing trades and keep your losses small. Sanlam Private Wealth Portfolio Manager Nick Kunze said top traders achieve ridiculous returns that no long-term investor can match. Speaking to Garth Mackenzie on the Talking with Traders podcast, Kunze said long-term investors achieve more sustainable returns.

Alpha Mind Podcast

#89 Garth Mackenzie - What drives trading success?

23rd April 2022

In this episode, we discuss with Garth Mackenzie, what he feels drives trading success, what drives his trading success, and what is it about his approach which has contributed to his success thus far.

Pepperstone Logo

Podcast - Playing by the book - Garth Mackenzie - Pepperstone Talks

28th January 2022

Garth Mackenzie has over 20 years of trading experience. He is the founder of Traders Corner, a trading analysis business publishing daily trading analysis for retail clients. He also hosts the Talking with Traders podcast and offers an online High Probability Trading Course. He trades his own capital with a focus on the US equity market, ETFs, Indices and the forex market. Garth is a technical trader. He has a defined playbook that details the types of technical trades he enacts, along with a defined risk management and position sizing process.

Strictly Business

Calls for USDZAR to go to R12.00

28th January 2022

Garth talks to Lindsay Williams at Strictly Business about the calls for USDZAR to go to R12.00 and even R11.00.

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Buy the Dip Interview Series E04: Garth Mackenzie

19th January 2022

On this episode of Buy the Dip, Luke Suddards interviews Garth Mackenzie, founder of Traders Corner for a trading masterclass

Village Trader - Mindest, discipline and passion

Village Trader
1st September 2021

In this podcast Garth Chats to the Village Trader about

  • Mindset

  • Discipline

  • Trading coach

  • Passion

28th May 2020
Just One Lap

Video: Managing risk as a trader

Garth Mackenzie from Traders Corner is a well-known South African trader. His TV show ran weekly for ten years with a live R100k portfolio that managed a profit each and every year.

Risk management was one of the most critical factors in ensuring consistent profits over the decade and this video focuses on that aspect of his trading.

In this informative Power Hour, Garth covers:

  • Position size

  • Risk vs reward for your trades

  • Where to place a stop loss

Each topic of discussion is important, and collectively they keep a trader in the game as they provide valuable insights into maintaining profitability over time.

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