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From Mock Trading To Mastery

Garth Mackenzie Traders Corner

Garth Mackenzie is an accomplished technical analyst and trader who began his trading journey at age 14. He and his father began mock trading with fictitious money in 1994 when Garth was in high school.


He and his father followed the share price pages in the newspaper and hand-drew charts to plot the shares they monitored. Garth then went on to start trading with real money at age 16.


His early years followed the typical pattern of losing money and then losing some more. But he persisted in the confidence that he would one day make a success of trading.

Garth studied for a business degree in Economics and Accountancy and has been professionally involved in the stock market in various roles since 2001. He began his career in the financial markets in South Africa as a futures broker. Later he went on to head a retail derivatives trading desk for Nedbank - one of the major banks in South Africa - from 2003 to 2009.

Garth decided to break away from the corporate world in 2009 to pursue his dream of trading his own capital and to start Traders Corner. The vision behind Traders Corner was to assist retail traders to become better traders and to follow the correct principles and processes to make a success of trading.

As a broker in the retail space, Garth had seen first-hand how badly most traders perform when managing their own capital and felt there was a place for somebody to Promote Proper Trading Principles.

Garth founded the Traders Corner TV show on BusinessDay TV, which aired weekly for 10 years between 2009 and 2019. On this show, Garth traded with his own capital and put on display all the ups and downs of trading in a real-life situation. He donated the profits from the show to charity at the end of each year, with 10 years of successive profits to donate to charity. He also created a High Probability Trading Course to assist retail traders to improve their trading processes. This course is now available online for delegates to complete in their own time.

In 2019 Garth relocated to the United Kingdom from South Africa. He has since diverted his attention more towards international markets with a focus on the UK and US equity markets. Garth is an active trader of his own capital, and on this website, you’ll get a window into his process and how he navigates the market from day to day.


Garth shares his own long-term portfolio and short-term trading portfolio with subscribers so that they can get an insight into the way he navigates the market. These are published through three regular reports: The Daily Desk Journal, Thoughts from the High Table, and Stocks in the Vault.

Garth also hosts the Talking with Traders podcast, where he interviews various guests on the topic of trading. 

Garth has been an introducing broker to IG since 2013 and continues to work proudly alongside IG, and does all of his own trading and investing through IG. 

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Promoting Proper Trading Principles

Our Vision

Traders Corner seeks to provide a window into the actions of an experienced trader and investor. There are many trading advisory services out there that make trading out to seem glamorous and an easy way to make money. The truth is that good trading and investing is neither glamorous nor easy. Through Traders Corner, subscribers can walk alongside an experienced trader.


The idea is for the content published on this website to be educational and actionable. There’s also a chat forum where subscribers can share their experiences, ask questions and learn from each other in an online community. Our vision is to Promote Proper Trading Principles so that our subscribers can be successful at managing their own money.


Garth Mackenzie's exceptional expertise has been recognized and acknowledged by the prestigious Annual Financial Mail Analyst Awards for three consecutive years: 2020, 2021, and 2022. This esteemed accolade from the Financial Mail serves as a testament to Garth's outstanding abilities as a technical analyst. 

Financial Mail Top Analyst Awards

Proud Partner

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Traders Corner has been a proud partner of IG since 2013. Garth Mackenzie acts as an introducing broker to IG and partners with IG on various initiatives such as the Talking with Traders podcast. Garth does all his own trading through IG. This includes long-term shares, CFDs, spread trading and options trading. Garth Mackenzie and Traders Corner receive a rebate on the transactions of clients who are referred to IG through this Introduction Agreement. Traders Corner is proud to be associated with IG - one of the world’s leading CFD and trading providers.

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