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Actionable . Educational . Honest

Subscribers receive daily insights into the global equity market along with actionable trading ideas. The Daily Desk Journal provides daily thoughts on markets, utilising technical analysis to identify trading opportunities in CFDs, futures, and options.


Twice a week, a Weekly Watchlist of potentially actionable chart setups is published. These reports will focus on the most appealing international trading opportunities across stocks, currencies, commodities and ETFs. These are all based on technical setups. 


Stocks in the Vault is a report on a managed long-term equity portfolio. Subscribers gain access to all updates on this portfolio as and when they happen.


An online High Probability Trading Course is available for those who wish to learn about applying technical analysis to their trading and investing process.

About -Traders Corner 

Garth Mackenzie is an accomplished technical analyst and trader who began his trading journey at age 14. He has a business degree in Economics and Accountancy and has been professionally involved in the stock market in various roles since 2001. He began his career in South Africa as a futures broker. Later he went on to head a retail derivatives trading desk for one of the major banks in South Africa from 2003 to 2009.

Garth decided to break away from the corporate world in 2009 to pursue his dream of trading his own capital and to start Traders Corner. The vision behind Traders Corner was to assist retail traders to become better traders and to follow the correct principles and processes to make a success of trading. 

Garth founded the Traders Corner TV show on BusinessDay TV, which aired weekly for 10 years between 2009 and 2019. On this show, Garth traded with live capital and donated the profits from the show to charity at the end of each year. He also created a High Probability Trading Course to assist retail traders to improve their trading processes. This course is now available online for delegates to complete in their own time.

In 2019 Garth relocated to the United Kingdom from South Africa. He has since diverted his attention more towards international markets with a focus on the UK and US equity markets. Garth is an active trader of his own capital, and on this website, you’ll get a window into his process and how he navigates the market.


Garth shares his own long-term portfolio and short-term trading portfolio with subscribers so that they can get an insight into the way he navigates the market. Garth also hosts the Talking with Traders podcast, where he interviews various guests on the topic of trading. Garth also provides analysis in a consulting capacity to various equity brokers.

Garth Mackenzie Traders Corner London

What Our Clients Say...

Man with Beard

Traders Corner has improved my trading technique over the last few years to the extent that I have confidence in trading for my entire family. Profits have been good and will never look back!

Mark Holmes

Man with Computer

After having subscribed to many different types of trading services, I have finally found the ultimate! I am extremely impressed with your service and will continue to support it for years to come.

Wallace Barnes

Man with pen

Traders Corner provides the best guidance forum I know. For international indices and stocks, bitcoin, commodities, as well as local markets and forex, daily guidance is given and questions answered.

Robert Hobson

Our Services

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Daily Desk Journal

Every day, a trading journal is shared with subscribers, providing a firsthand look into the daily routine of a trader. Subscribers gain access to charts, levels, and action plans for the day ahead, with updates on existing open trading positions.


Weekly Watchlists

Twice a week, a watchlist of potentially actionable chart setups are published. These reports will focus on the most appealing international trading opportunities across stocks, currencies, commodities and ETFs. These are all based on technical setups. 


Stocks In The Vault

This is a model portfolio of underlying shares that are held with an investing mind-set. Subscribers will be notified when changes are made to the portfolio, or when dividends are due to be re-invested.

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Trading Course



High Probability Trading Course

This course was developed by Garth Mackenzie and run in a live format for over a decade. It has been attended by over 2 500 individuals, from beginners to experienced traders. It is now available online for you to complete in your own time and at your own pace. The course includes 8-hours of video content on various aspects of trading. After each module, there is an assessment that delegates take to test their understanding of the concepts taught. There are also various additional resources available to use and take away from the course. The course is suitable for beginner and intermediate-level traders who want to improve their trading process. 

Latest Podcasts

Season 8 

Episode 12

Patrick Munnelly. Mallorca based trader who has plenty of scars to show

Patrick Munnelly began his career in executive recruitment. After cashing in his chips in that business, he took up trading for a living. In this podcast he shares his story of a devastating loss in his early trading career, and how he managed to turn his fortunes around with the help of a mentor and therapy. He now views trading as a business and trades from the idyllic Spanish island of Mallorca. 

Season 8  

Episode 11

Anthony Crudele. Brilliant insights from an S&P500 pit trader

Anthony Crudele is a former S&P500 pit trader. He has 25 years of experience in the market. In his early 30’s Anthony had a heart attack at his trading desk. This led to a change of trading approach to seek a way of trading that is somewhat less stressful. This conversation is raw and authentic from somebody who wears the scars that the market dishes out. 

Talking with Traders Podcast

Proud Partner

IG Markets

Traders Corner has been a proud partner of IG since 2013. Garth Mackenzie acts as an introducing broker to IG and partners with IG on various initiatives such as the Talking with Traders podcast. Garth does all his own trading through IG. This includes long-term shares, CFDs, spread trading and options trading. Garth Mackenzie and Traders Corner receive a rebate on the transactions of clients who are referred to IG through this Introduction Agreement. Traders Corner is proud to be associated with IG - one of the world’s leading CFD and trading providers.

IG Partner

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Investing and trading CFDs carries a considerable risk of capital loss. The information on this website is purely informative and should not be construed as specific or personal investment advice. It has been created without taking your individual and financial objectives into consideration. Traders Corner will not be held liable for any information used on this site as you invest at your own risk.

Garth Mackenzie has been appointed as a Representative of CAEP Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd (FSP No. 33933), which is an authorised financial services provider for Category I, II and IIA (Garth's Statutory Disclosure Notice is available on request).

CAEP Asset Managers has entered into an Introduction Agreement with IG Markets South Africa Limited (FSP No. 41393) and IG Markets Limited (Company No. 04008957) (together referred to as the IG Group) in terms of which CAEP Asset Managers will earn a fee for the introduction of clients who click on this link and open an account with the IG Group.

Although the Traders Corner website facilitates the link to the IG Group website, Traders Corner has no other association or affiliation with CAEP Asset Managers. CAEP Asset Managers does not take any responsibility for any functions or activities performed under IG Markets and/or Traders Corner.

By clicking on the link that takes you to the IG Group website, you acknowledge and understand that neither CAEP Asset Managers nor Garth Mackenzie have provided you with any advice and that no information contained herein constitutes solicitation. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that any transaction you decide to conclude with the IG Group is appropriate to your needs and objectives.

Clients are advised to seek professional advice before investing or concluding any transaction. Should you require further assistance, please contact us on

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